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   Dear participants,

   I am Zübeyde Simge Taşyürek and this is my second year at the Faculty of Law in MEF University and first year as a Chairman in the MUN Club and also as a Secretary General. 

   It is my absolute honor to invite and welcome you all, as Secretary General, to the First MEF University Model United Nations conference(MUN@MEF 2018) held in Istanbul, Turkey. Being the Secretary General of the first conference in my university is really special for me. Since this is our first MUN conference, we wanted to prepare a journey under educational level. Our motto is “UN In The Age of Industry 4.0: Opportunities and Challenges and consequently we have 2 committees which is able to discuss this item. 

As a part of the education model of MEF University, we decided to prepare a video to explain Rules and Procedures instead of sending a document. By attending our conference, the students may find the chance to improve the English language and to recognize Political Sciences and International Relations Department’s. While ending my words, I would like to thank our academic advisors for their support and academic team for their hard work. 

As last but not the least, MUN requires lots of fun. So between all these procuders, do not forget to have fun. I wish you all amazing adventures in your MUN journey and I am looking forward to see you at 12th May!

Secretary General of MUN@MEF'18
Zübeyde Simge Taşyürek

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