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ECOSOC Commision on Science and Technology for Development

ECOSOC Commision on Science and Technology for Development

Letter From Under Secretary General

The humanity is moving to a new age with the industry 4.0, technological advancements and with disruptive new enterprises. As venture capitalist Hasan Aslanoba claims, there will be three category of businesses in the future. The technology oriented businesses, which processes their operations on the internet and technology related fields. Such as e-commerce sites, hardware companies and mobile application based businesses. Second type is basic infrastructure servicing and manufacturing businesses. These businesses will use tech companies’ services in order to develop their services and products but will mainly provide basic needs of people. Such as retail businesses, Airlines and Hotel groups. The third and final category is the new comer disruptive companies. A group of people will come together and find an efficient solution to a market’s problem and establish a new company which is specialized to solve that problem in worldwide. Nowadays Airbnb, Coursera and Uber are some examples of these short of businesses. 

Well educated people are aware of the fact that the income and wealth gap between richest %1 and the rest of the world population is increasing rapidly. Some Technologists and businessmen suggests that in near future this sort of situation will happen between countries and between private sectors’ players. There will be traditional companies which will implement the industry 4.0, will work on industry 5.0, and also will employ professionals who will be capable to improve their business systems. While the other businesses will be humble to adapt such technological advancements. The value gap between these firms will increase and even governments will fail to stop the monopolizations at private sectors. The wealth gap between governments which invests in technology, such as Sweden, Taiwan, Estonia and Israel does today, and the ones that invest in traditional businesses will increase. At this point we are moving to a more diversified world which will happen in the future. While we are theming Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World at World Economic Forum’s Davos 2018 meeting.

Honorable delegates and fellow chairs, education institutions, governments’ offices and private sectors’ some leaders are ineffective, humble and uncooperative to implement possible improvements. Our 2018 conference encourages you to discuss our world’s recent advancements, establish possible solutions to globalize industry 4.0, upcoming 5.0 and advanced technologies, training qualified professionals, whose skills are demanded by private sectors in tech related areas and increase the world’s wealth as a whole while using scarce resources of our world in a more efficient way. 

Atıl Cem Demiröz

USG of ECOSOC Commision on Technology for Development




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